Floramor | Wedding & Event Planning
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Wedding & Event Planning

The Floramor Planning Team is available to do as little or as much as is needed in order for you and your families to have a beautifully stress free wedding planning experience.  We can simply do your flowers and décor or can be available 24/7 to take care of the full design, production and management of your event.   You can count on our seasoned, professional team to always be your advocates when working with venues, vendors, designers and any person hired to be an important part of your wedding day. We will take care of the critical details that lead up to the wedding day and will artfully manage the event  so that you can enjoy every minute of your wedding day totally stress free.

We offer 4 levels of service, one of which is sure to fit your needs:


Floramor Ultimate Wedding Planning Package

Our most complete level of service offering total peace of mind that every detail is attended to without the worry of finding time during your busy schedule.  From start to finish, your planning team is available to take as much of the planning responsibility as you like.  Popular with busy professional couples or couples planning a Bay Area destination wedding, we will assist in venue and vendor selection, will review your contracts, negotiate contracts on your behalf and effectively act as your personal advocate in all aspects of the planning process.  Email and phone support available 24/7 and a team of 4 is dedicated to your event on the day of the wedding.


Floramor Executive  Wedding Planning Package

The perfect package for the couple who may need help with the contracting of the perfect vendors but who loves the process of selecting the perfect team.  Email and phone support available 24/7 and a team of 3 dedicated to your event throughout the planning process and on the day of the wedding. This is our most popular package and is often customized to include upgrades from the Ultimate Package.


Floramor’s  Month-Of Planning Package

For the couple who has handled most of the pre-wedding planning but would love the luxury of handing the final logistics, details and flow over to our team so that the wedding day is perfectly stress-free.  Six weeks prior to the wedding we will take over all of the final planning details so that you can enjoy your friends and family leading up to the wedding day, with the knowledge that we are tying up all loose ends.   Email and phone support available 24/7 and a team of 3 dedicated to your event on the day of the wedding.


Floramor’s Vendor Referral Package

For the couple who has a site provided day-of planner but needs assistance with the months up to the day of the wedding. We will provide a work book customized for you that will allow you to track your budget, create a vendor payment schedule and to structure the months leading up to your wedding step by step in an organized manner. A qualified vendor referral list will be provided to you based upon your needs so that you can be assured of having access to the best vendors for your wedding. You will have the tools needed to complete the pre-planning of your wedding. We will interface with all of your vendors the month prior to the wedding and will create a detailed timeline of the day’s flow that will be sent to all of the vendors associated with your wedding. The timeline will be handed over to your onsite planner as a guide to the flow of the day.